About Us


The New World Trend Art

At Diamonds Beads, we believe that creating your own stunning diamond artwork can be just as much fun as it is therapeutic. We love, love, love crafting and are excited to deliver easy and enjoyable DIY diamond painting kits sourced from the most talented designers and manufacturers on the planet.
Diamonds Beads was established in 2020 with a simple and noble mission - spread the new art form around the world: Diamond Painting with Diamonds Beads! We want to make this style accessible to everyone.. Besides the amazing art purpose, diamonds art is an art therapy accessible to and enjoyable for adults across the world!
Deep down, we are all colorful, and we are all beautiful. Our crafting and artwork should reflect who we are!!
 Over 1,000 happy Diamond Painters served across the world! Join the club and rest assured our team is working 24/7 to satisfy our customers 😄


We're an Australian Office based company with our headquarters in Sydney CBD. We ship our items directly from our manufacturing facilities located in China/US/Australia. Shipping usually takes between 20-40 business days for most items.