Diamond Method and Techniques

After placing thousands of diamonds, you may want to switch things up. Our community has developed a number of different Diamond Painting Techniques and strategies that everyone can follow! 

The Check'n the board Technique 

Checkerboard Diamond Painting Technique

Imagine the alternating black and white squares on a traditional checkerboard. Apply the same method to your Diamond Painting to mix things up a bit on areas with large amounts of the same color. The real upside comes when you fill in the gaps - SO satisfying when everything snaps into place. 

"The Old Mate Card" Technique 

Some of the more obsessive among us need our diamond lines to line up perfectly! Stacy Garon from the Paint With Diamonds Support Group recommends taking an old credit card and running it through the slots between the lines of drills so they all get pushed into place. 

"Your way ON" Method  

Work Your Way Up Diamond Painting Method

Leave the best for last. The "Your way ON" method involves starting with your smallest quantity color first, and then finishing up with the color you have the most of. Things should get easier as you go along, since you can place more of the same color at a time with your Diamond Pen Multihead.

"One by One" Method 

This one doesn't require much explaining - just work your way across the canvas one color at a time! 

OUR TIP: If any areas ever get less sticky due to air exposure, try dabbing the spot with a moist towel or baby wipe. 

"The Blocks" Method 

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Dividing it up large blocks of the same color into little "plots". Keep each rectangle just wide enough that you can place 3 or 5 diamonds with the wide end of your Diamond Pen. 

Diamonds Beads Team wish you the best of luck in this voyage! If you ever need help with anything Diamond Painting -related, just message our friendly team over Facebook or shoot us an email - contact@diamondsbeads.com 

Diamonds Beads Team